Trying “New” For A Change

There Are Dangers That Lie In Comfort February 2016 Looking back to my initial training there were the two variants of the single-engine trainer my school used. Both were the exact same airframes, but one had GPS units that were remnant of Audis and Volkswagens with their red pixelated “Atari” screens. Then there were the… Read more »

Sonic Booms & Embarrassment

Arrogance and Ignorance Are No Excuse for Busting TFRs January 2016 A few years back I was sitting in the FBO at KOAK – Oakland Intl. watching a G550 crew go through what looked like its preparation for a flight. After their APU was up and running a crew member came in to inform the… Read more »


The Dirty and Clean Sides of Aviation January 2016 Ever hear a pilot mention the use of SLOP? Like many terms and acronyms, our imagination can run a bit wild at times until we fess up that we have no idea what something means. SLOP stands for Strategic Lateral Offset Procedures. Still clear as mud,… Read more »

The Platypus and Other Oddities

Aviation Engineering That’s Hard To Believe January 2016 Have you ever studied Australia’s beloved oddity, the platypus? It’s a mammal, lays eggs, then when the young hatch they obtain nourishment through their mother’s milk. They have a bill similar to a duck and use it for electrolocation and an ankle spur that’s capable of delivering… Read more »

50 Years Ago / 50 Years From Now

Is Aviation An “Adapt or Die” Industry? If you ever get the opportunity to pick up an old aviation magazine from 20, heck, 50 years ago I highly recommend it. Basic wing design, how a reciprocating or turbojet engine works, aerodynamics, etc. all seem to stand the test of time. The good stuff comes when… Read more »

Inside Cockpit of Diamond Star DA40

DA40 Added to the Fleet

We are happy to announce that we have added another Diamond Star DA40 to our fleet! N722PA has completed all inspections and its Part 141 conformity check. It is ready for all rental and training flights. Use our online scheduler to schedule your flight or email  

Caught in Icing

When Being Vague Doesn’t Help December 2015 “Mom, where’s the carpet cleaner?” I yelled from a neighboring room when I was 10 years old. “It’s under the kitchen sink,” she replied nonchalantly. “Wait, why?!” realizing the nature of the question was lacking innocence. At the time I thought I was being clever and handling the… Read more »

Flows and Checklists

Be The Bruce Lee of Your Flight Deck December 2015 I still remember the day I took a seat in the airplane I would begin my primary flight training in. It was a Piper Warrior III and the immense amount of knobs and switches intimidated me. The only thing worse would be trying to watch… Read more »

Wednesday Special Emphasis – Go-Arounds

A Simple Maneuver Goes Up Against Stiff Resistance by Brian Quarles If you’ve managed to pick up any aviation magazine within the last couple of years it isn’t difficult to spot material regarding a pilot’s failure to elect to go-around as a contributing factor in far too many incidents and accidents. Many of us read… Read more »

Backside of Beechcraft c35 Aircraft on Boeing Field

Fall 2015 Newsletter

Continually Improving Many of you have probably noticed that the leaves have started to fall at Boeing Field and we are headed into, what some people call, “the season of change”. Change has been an ongoing theme at Galvin Flying this year as we have branched off on our own and are under new, local… Read more »