Aircraft Leasing

We will lease your aircraft from you

Aircraft Leasing

Galvin Flying has experienced increasing demand year-over-year for flight training and is actively seeking aircraft for flight training and aircraft rental to meet the needs of our customers. There has never been a better time to consider aircraft leasing.

Aircraft owners who lease their aircraft to Galvin enjoy full aircraft management, including:

  • Maintenance tracking and coordination
  • Commercial insurance not available to individual owners
  • Daily care and regular washing
  • Security of staff on hand 7 days a week to monitor the aircraft
  • Premium tie-down space at Boeing Field
  • Discounted fuel rates from our vendors
  • Discounted maintenance rate from Galvin maintenance

Don’t have an aircraft, but interested in the idea?

We will work with you in the purchasing process to help identify, select and transport an aircraft for the intent to lease to us. When purchasing an aircraft with the intent to lease, you are many times not subject to sales tax, saving approximately 10% and further increasing the affordability of your plane.

If you have an aircraft to lease, or are interested in purchasing one with the intent to lease, please reach out to us to discuss the opportunity by emailing David Garrison or calling 206-763-9706.

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