We never compromise
on safety

Flight Safety

Galvin Flying believes safety to be a corporate responsibility and core business function. Our attention to flight safety and quality excellence is an integral component of our business and contributes to our competitive advantage. Galvin Flying has developed and implemented a company-wide Safety Management System (SMS) that conforms to the Standards and Recommendations of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Safety management affects everything we do and everywhere we operate. It identifies all areas of safety, security, health, environmental and quality management. Our safety plan is executed by a collective body of cross-divisional employees, recognized as Galvin Safety. In concept, Galvin Safety is the integration of the safety values and priorities that are woven into the fabric of our company, defining our culture and the way we do our job. In practice, Galvin Safety describes the people, resources, vision and strategies we rely upon to manage the policy, assessment, assurance and promotion of our safety culture.

Our strategy is summarized in our Safety Policy and communicated across the entire company:

“Galvin Flying is committed to maintain a safe, healthy and sustainable working environment wherever we operate – for our people, for our guests, and for the valued customers we are employed to serve. Everybody who works for Galvin, anywhere, is responsible for meeting this requirement.”

Risk Assessment

Galvin Flying recognizes the inherent risks present in our business and believes the prevention of accidents, incidents and injuries may be achieved through heightened awareness, reporting and assessment of our environment, actions and attitudes. Our staff and customers are trained to assess risk in all phases of operation, beginning in the planning phase by incorporating a Flight Risk Assessment Tool that delivers real-time risk tolerance feedback on a flight-by-flight basis. This tool ensures our instructors and support team are well informed throughout everyday operations.

If you have any questions regarding Galvin Safety or our other flight safety procedures, please contact our Seattle office.

To report a safety or quality issue, please submit an irregularity report.