GPS Membership
and Insurance

GPS Membership

At Galvin Flying, we work hard to uphold one of the best safety standards in the flight training industry. Our insurance coverage is proof of that commitment. Per incident, our coverage is double the amount of most other training facilities and covers the aircraft, bodily injury and liability.

Our Galvin Preferred Services (GPS) members enjoy peace of mind with our valuable subrogation-free insurance coverage, plus added cost-savings.


What is subrogation in the context of rental insurance? Insurance which is subject to subrogation means that even though an insurance company may pay for damages, if they determine a party to be at fault, they may seek to recoup their losses from that party. Our exclusive, subrogation-free insurance offered under the GPS membership protects members from that action. Even if a GPS member is considered to be at fault, the insurance company may require only up to the deductible amount in compensation.

The insurance coverage provided by our GPS membership replaces the need to purchase individual renters insurance, all while under the benefit of our outstanding coverage not readily available to most.


In addition to the outstanding insurance benefit, GPS members receive a number of valuable discounts, including:

  • Reduced rental rates on both aircraft and flight training devices (FTDs)
  • Reduced flight instruction rates
  • 10% off books and pilot supplies
  • Savings on ground school courses
  • 2 hours of free flight instruction per year for recurrent training
  • Discounts at partnering businesses/organizations, including the Museum of Flight

Continuing Education

Free access to Galvin’s monthly continuing education forums on topics such as VFR, IFR, Mountain Flying and Winter Operations, as well as presentations by industry professionals.

GPS Costs

What does GPS membership cost?

One-time initiation fee*: $500.00
Monthly Dues: $50.00

* Specials may be available when combining GPS Membership activation with Ground School participation and for employees of one of our partner aviation companies.