Techno Without The Glowsticks

When Common Sense Suffers At The Hands Of Technology July 2016 There’s a great scene in the 2012 film, The Avengers, in which Samuel L. Jackson’s character, Nick Fury, is trying to command their crashing helicarrier away from a populated area. When the ship’s pilot states their navigation system is down and doesn’t know which… Read more »

In Dodgeball, Everyone Gets Hit

Are Bird Strikes Inevitable? June 2016 There were two sports that formed the rock-solid foundation of a good physical education in the state of Kentucky’s elementary school system: basketball and dodgeball. Kentucky was, and still remains, one of the few states without a professional sports team in any of the big leagues (MLB, NHL, NBA,… Read more »

Off-Airport Landings

It’s a common question typically asked only during training and testing: “If you lose your engine, where are you going to land?” As a result, we only reinforce the common belief that we are the safest pilots we’ll ever be the moment after training and testing has been completed. News travels fast and just as… Read more »

Dancing Queen!

ABBA: The Universal Mnemonic Sweden has produced some impressive things to leave their mark on this world: Saab automobiles and aircraft, IKEA furniture and household goods, and legendary pop music group ABBA just to name a few. I realize the Saab Gripen fighter jet might seem the logical segue here, but I am actually more… Read more »

Push Your Right Foot In, Put Your Left Hand Down

Crosswind landing techniques March 2016 Technically speaking, you are 34 times more likely to have a crosswind landing than not. That number may sound like it was derived from a complex formula, but it’s quite simple. For example, if you are landing on a runway configured as 36/18, the prevailing winds would have to be… Read more »

TIS, TAS, and The Other

Knowing the capabilities of your equipment ATC traffic reports are common to all of us who fly in congested areas. Collision avoidance is something every pilot values in the interest of self-preservation regardless if they are flying a J3 Cub or Boeing 767. What isn’t common amongst the pilot community is what equipment or methods… Read more »

Trying “New” For A Change

There Are Dangers That Lie In Comfort February 2016 Looking back to my initial training there were the two variants of the single-engine trainer my school used. Both were the exact same airframes, but one had GPS units that were remnant of Audis and Volkswagens with their red pixelated “Atari” screens. Then there were the… Read more »

Sonic Booms & Embarrassment

Arrogance and Ignorance Are No Excuse for Busting TFRs January 2016 A few years back I was sitting in the FBO at KOAK – Oakland Intl. watching a G550 crew go through what looked like its preparation for a flight. After their APU was up and running a crew member came in to inform the… Read more »


The Dirty and Clean Sides of Aviation January 2016 Ever hear a pilot mention the use of SLOP? Like many terms and acronyms, our imagination can run a bit wild at times until we fess up that we have no idea what something means. SLOP stands for Strategic Lateral Offset Procedures. Still clear as mud,… Read more »

The Platypus and Other Oddities

Aviation Engineering That’s Hard To Believe January 2016 Have you ever studied Australia’s beloved oddity, the platypus? It’s a mammal, lays eggs, then when the young hatch they obtain nourishment through their mother’s milk. They have a bill similar to a duck and use it for electrolocation and an ankle spur that’s capable of delivering… Read more »