Return of the TAA (Technically Advanced Airplane)

The Cessna C172S, TAA (Technically Advanced Airplane), N513WF, returned to the fleet this summer with a full complement of upgrades. Pilots will enjoy the latest Garmin full “glass” cockpit panel. The primary flight display is a massive 10.7″, landscape layout, G3X touchscreen display, as well as a second G3X 7″, portrait layout that can be utilized as an MFD or second PFD. Not to mention two additional MFD/GPS systems, a GTN 750 and 650 Xi, allowing pilots a wide range of possibilities to display information/charts and keep an eye on traffic. With the GFC500 autopilot, this 172S is about as technically advanced as it gets.

Pilots looking to rent or train in this aircraft are requested to first download Garmin’s GTN and GTN Xi trainer apps (computer or iPad devices) and explore the functionality of these avionics from the comfort (and lower cost) of home. You can also find full information on this specific plane here. Get a feel for how flight and engine information is displayed, how to program frequencies, and tracking VOR or GPS courses. Once you have a grasp of the avionics, reach out to the front desk at and request to fly with an instructor to complete the checkout. 

On the flight, you can expect to demonstrate proficiency in frequency tuning, GPS and VOR tracking, and navigating the G3X displays. You will also have the opportunity to see how to disable the Envelope & Stability Protection (ESP) system for maneuvers (incorporating a new angle of attack sensor) and how to utilize the Garmin Smart Glide button in the event of an emergency. 

This airplane has some incredible new bells and whistles – completely unique among our fleet –  and we want to ensure all pilots are comfortable and proficient in their operation so you can enjoy the convenience and safety features on your next adventure. It truly is a joy to fly and we hope you take the opportunity to get checked out as soon as possible for your next cross-country or instrument flight!

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