VA Benefits

Thank you for your interest inĀ Galvin Flying!

We are a Part 141, VA approved flight training facility. Through our programs, the VA may reimburse your training from Instrument all the way through your Multi-engine instructor rating. The first step in determining your eligibility would be to visit the VA website at There, you will find plenty of information about training programs available and additionally, you will be able to apply for benefits. In order to enroll in any training program, you will need to present a Certificate of Eligibility (which you will receive from the VA after you apply for benefits).

Here is our VA course catalog for you to look over. This catalog details the maximum reimbursable cost for each of our approved courses. It is important to note that we require payment at the time of service (after each lesson). At the end of each month, we submit a certification of training and the VA will then reimburse approved costs to us via wire transfer. We then immediately remit that payment back to you, the student.