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Pilot Refresher

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Pilot Refresher

Whether you have a little rust to knock off or a whole air frame to polish, our Pilot Refresher Course is just what you need to get back in the air!

Designed to satisfy the ground instruction requirements of a flight review listed in 61.57(a)(1), this full-day course is presented by our team of Certified Flight Instructors. You’ll refresh your knowledge of airworthiness requirements, weather products and decision making, risk management, runway incursion avoidance, airspace rules and requirements, and Boeing Field VFR departure and arrival procedures.

At course completion, you’ll have the ground knowledge needed to move forward with the flight portion of your flight review.

Cost for this course is $199. Galvin Preferred Services members pay only $149.

For more information or help registering for our ground school courses, please contact us.

Upcoming Pilot Pilot Refresher Course Dates:

MAY 18, JUN 22

8am – 5pm