Maintenance Staff

Meet Our Aircraft Maintenance Team


Greg Woodruff

Director of Maintenance –
A&P Mechanic, IA

Greg has worked in General Aviation and corporate aircraft maintenance continuously since July 1989. After graduating from Colorado Aero Tech in Broomfield, CO (KBJC) in June with an A&P certificate, Greg started his first A&P job in July 1989 with Merlin Express in San Antonio, TX. He then moved (back to) Santa Barbara where he worked for Santa Barbara Aviation and Stratman Aero over the next 10 years.  He moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2000 and went to work for Auburn Flight Service until their closing in Feb 2014. It was then he opened his own maintenance business, Cornerstone Aviation. After many years of maintaining our aircraft fleet, he made the decision to sell his shop to Galvin in January 2019. Greg loves the variety of work he experiences from one day to the next and the fact that he gets to be around airplanes every day because he believes “airplanes are just COOL!”

Rachel Klebe

Lead Mechanic, Scheduler –
A&P Mechanic, IA

Rachel earned her A&P certificate from Clover Park Technical College in 2012 and immediately went to work as a mechanic at Auburn Flight Service and later Cornerstone Aviation. She earned her Inspection Authorization (IA) in 2018. Her favorite part of being a mechanic is seeing the joy in our customers when she is able to “save” their flight from being canceled and get them in the air!

Jim Bicais

Lead Mechanic – A&P Mechanic

Jim fell in love with aviation while living in Alaska and getting to know local bush pilots. He moved to Washington to pursue an A&P certificate at Everett Community College in 1978, working his way through school Willard’s Flying Service on Paine Field. He earned his A&P in 1980 and went to work for Boeing in functional test, flight test and flight line for the 747 and 767.  Jim left Boeing to pursue other business opportunities while keeping his hand in GA. He achieved his private pilot ticket in 2009. Jim joined the Galvin team in Nov 2019. He enjoys the teamwork employed to attack the technical challenges of keeping all things airworthy.

Darrah Bosse

A&P Mechanic

Darrah’s career began when he served 5 years overseas as a helicopter mechanic in the US Marine Corps. Upon returning from service, he trained and served the next 3 years as an EMT firefighter. Darrah recently completed his A&P certification through South Seattle Community College and has worked for Galvin since early 2019. Darrah’s favorite part of his job is fixing the “unholy machines that allow man to break the laws of nature and float amongst the highest order of creatures, birds and angels” – it makes him feel like an alchemist. 

Fidel Chishungu

A&P Mechanic

Fidel was introduced to aircraft maintenance by an industry mentor while he was still in high school. His mentor, who owned a flight school at Arlington airport, allowed Fidel to work with him during summer breaks and encouraged him to attend Everett Community College’s A&P program after he graduated. He completed the program in June of 2018 and worked at Blue Diamond Light Sport before joining the Galvin team. What Fidel enjoys most about his job is the work and environment and team mentality here at Galvin Flying.

Bobby Counts


Bobby left the United States Marine Corps in 2011 where he was the Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Defense Specialist Chief for Marine Wing Support Squadron 374. In 2012 he got into firefighting where he worked as an EMT, FEO, and Lieutenant. After experiencing burn-out from the job he decided to move west in April of 2019 without knowing his next move. Now living close to a childhood friend (a member of the Galvin family) he serendipitously developed an interest in cycling. While at a bike sale, he fell in love with a 1981 Raleigh frame and decided to build it up from scratch without background knowledge or instruction. He admits that while “perhaps not super impressive, it did remind me of how much I like working with tools and solving puzzles.” From that experience and through the support of his friend, Bobby was inspired to enter the world of Aviation Maintenance. He feels it was a simple choice and relishes having the chance to again do work that carries responsibility.  Bobby feels the most satisfying work is work that, when done correctly, saves more lives than it takes. 

David Garrison

Fleet Manager

Before he came to Galvin, David spent several years in parts at Toyota. He received some instruction in Toyota’s T-Ten training program and an apprenticeship with a Toyota Master Tech. Having always loved being around aircraft, he earned his Private Pilot Certificate. With almost 10 years of experience coordinating maintenance for our flight school fleet, David enjoys the opportunity to have a direct impact in the organization and watch real progress and growth occur.

Katy Gleaves

A&P Mechanic

Katy attended Iowa Western Community College and graduated in 2014 with an A&P Certificate. However, it wasn’t until a few years later that she earned a job actively working as a mechanic as St. Cloud Aviation. Working as an A&P allowed her to gain experience and confidence. Having lived in Minnesota for 12 years, Katy decided it was time for a change. Her love of the mountains and hiking brought her to the Pacific Northwest and the Galvin team. She enjoys the variety of her work day-to-day, being able to keep “beautiful machines” in the air, and how the maintenance team feels like a family.



Robert Growden


Having worked in IT for 23 years as a Support Engineer and Program Manager, Robert was looking for a career change. Having gained a love of airplanes from his father, who was a Jet Mechanic in the United States Air Force, he decided to pursue his passion as an Aviation Mechanic. He is currently an Aviation Maintenance Technology student at South Seattle College working towards his A&P Certificate. At Galvin, Robert appreciates the variety and challenge of his work and the great people that he gets to interact with each day.

Chris Herrick

A&P Mechanic

After tiring of his job as a baggage handler for various contracted airlines, Chris was told about an A&P course at Chandler-Gilbert Community College by a coworker. Chris joined and completed the program, becoming fully A&P certified in October of 2011. Since then he has worked in all sorts of aircraft maintenance operations including an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) outfit, a Cirrus service center, and a helicopter tour company operating in and out of the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam. He later worked for a couple of commercial regional carriers, giving him further experience with turbo props and turbo fans, before joining the Galvin team. What Chris likes best about his job is seeing the happy faces of customers and watching the aircraft go off on their next adventure after maintenance is complete.

Sangmyoung Lee

A&P Mechanic

Hailing from South Korea, Sangmyoung moved to Seattle to earn his A&P certification at South Seattle College. As one who goes the extra mile, he is now attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to earn a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics. He has been living in Seattle almost 7 years now. Sangmyoung works diligently on every task assigned and enjoys applying his skills to his work on various aircraft types here at Galvin Flying.

Vern Lokeijak

A&P Mechanic

Born and raised in Guam, Vern started his career as a mechanic there as an apprentice. To earn his A&P certificate, he attended Bakers School of Aeronautics in Tennessee. After completing his certification courses, he worked for several more years in Guam. In 2018, he was recruited by a freight company on Boeing Field where he works on larger turbo-prop aircraft. Vern enjoys being able to constantly learn new things and problem solve while he works on a wide variety of aircraft between his two jobs.

Owen Oaksford


Owen served 6 years in the US Army as an UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) maintainer. He has always loved working on things with his hands and is fascinated by aviation. With his military experience and passions aligned, the logical step for Owen was to earn his A&P certifications. He is currently studying at South Seattle Community College and working as an apprentice at Galvin toward that goal. His favorite part of his job is his colleagues, who make each day fun and enjoyable.