GPS Membership

What is Galvin Preferred Services, and how can it benefit you?
Our GPS (Galvin Preferred Services) members benefit from discounted rental rates on both aircraft and flight training devices (FTDs), flight instruction, and save approximately 10% on pilot supplies. Additionally, we offer subrogation-free insurance to our Galvin Preferred Services members, with only a $1,000 deductible (which may be waived in some cases). Full ground and flight training programs are at your disposal, as well as free access to our continuing education “Callback Workshops” throughout the year.

Galvin Flying  encourages its students to join our Galvin Preferred Services program at the start of their training. In addition to providing valuable discounts on all instruction, airplane rentals, and supplies, the Galvin Preferred Services program offers an additional level of insurance protection. We believe that the financial benefits of our Galvin Preferred Services program represent an extraordinary value, as well as providing our customers with peace of mind while training.

What is subrogation in the context of rental insurance?
 Insurance which is subject to subrogation means that even though an insurance company may pay for damages, if they determine a party to be at fault, they may seek to recoup their losses from that party. Subrogation free insurance – such as our GPS membership – protects members from that action. Even if a GPS member is considered to be at fault, the insurance company may require only up to the deductible amount in compensation.

What does GPS membership cost?
One-time initiation fee*: $500.00
Monthly Dues: $50.00

*Specials may be available when combining GPS Membership activation with Ground School participation.

Can membership be placed on hold/inactive status?

Yes. The first time that GPS membership is placed on hold, it may be reactivated within 1 year from date of inactivation for no additional fee(s). To reactivate, the GPS member must simply notify Flight School administration and resume paying monthly dues. Any initial reactivation past the 1 year period, or any subsequent periods of inactivation are subject to a $150.00 reactivation fee. All notifications to activate, place on hold, or reactivate GPS membership must be done in writing in person or via mail/email.

It is important to note that if a member places their membership on hold, they may still flight train or rent aircraft at Galvin Flying, but they would do so at the retail rates and would not be provided with the insurance coverage as detailed above.